28 June 2011

And here we add another.

The summer is here, the garden is growing (granted not in the place I had planned it, but growing none-the-less), and I have managed to acquire another dog. How did this happen, you ask?  Well it all started on a sunny day...

I work with a woman at the library who runs a dog rescue. Diana and her business partner Sheila rescue dogs from private homes and kill shelters. Well my aunt had mentioned she might be interested in getting a dog and I mentioned this to Diana who then mentioned it to Sheila...you get the picture. We found this sweet dog named Mickey. He was a poodle/bischon frisee mix who happened to not speak English. Oh and he wasn't fixed. Small problems, but I agreed to go retrieve him and foster him until we could find a home for him. It turned out my aunt decided to not take him so he ended up living with me for nearly a month. Mickey was very sweet, but he was an idiot. Steve and I called him "Mickey the Idiot" (good job Dr. Who fans) as lovingly as possible, but man I haven't met that dumb of a dog in quite some time. Phinn wasn't thrilled he was there, but he quite nicely (mostly) put up with him. Long story short, last weekend we found Mickey a forever home. The woman was great and just loved Mickey. I was so happy that I went out and found Phinn a new friend...

Backing up. I'd been admiring this beautiful female lab mix for some time. When I found out Mickey would be going to a forever home I immedietly began to worry about Phinn. What would he do by himself? Would he be depressed? Would he start to howl? What would happen? I decided when Steve and I took Mickey to Tahoe to pass Mickey off we'd meet this pretty girl, Lady, and see if Phinn got along with her. Well he did. He did so well he peed on her (real charmer, right).

And now I have two dogs?!

Mickey his first day with us.

A very curious Phinn.

The new pretty girl of the house!

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