21 April 2011

Bath time for Phinny

Bath time is always interesting in my house. The bathroom isn't particularly big, add to that a dog that doesn't particularly like water and you have an interesting situation.

Phinn smelled. There was no getting around it. He needed a bath and pronto.  He happily followed my into the bathroom as he does in the mornings when I shower, then I closed the door. No problem. I think he figured out something was up when I pulled his shampoo from under the sink. I'm not sure I've ever seen a dog glue himself to the floor like Phinn did, but I was laughing so hard that I could barely pick him up to put him in the tub.  And oh how did the looks of "how could you ever do something like this to me" go on throughout the process.  It was like I had betrayed him until he got out of the bath.

He happily shook in the tub, then out of the tub before I could get the towel over him, then proceeded to attack the towel. When I opened the bathroom door he did his laps of the house before settling on the couch pillows (still damp!) to sleep.

I wish I had pictures, but as only one person I didn't feel like sacrificing my camera to a wet dog.

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