19 April 2011

Weekend adventures

It was a busy weekend which leads me to writing this two days after the official end of the weekend.  It began on Saturday with weeding.  I wish I could report that the area in question was successfully de-weeded but I must disappoint.  Burrs+rocks+grass+Rocks+alfalfa+ROCKS=a very difficult area to defeat. It's halfway done, but it's windy/rainy again.  It'll get done.  Sometime.

I was able to plant some colourful flowers in the front of the house, and I had help!  My parent's neighbor, Cassie (10) was bored so I entertained her through planting then baking.  I bout a new cupcake book on Friday and as we were looking though it we found a recipe that sounded too good to not make right away: Frosted Peanut Butter Cupcakes.  Oh man, so tasty.

Since we decided to make mini-cupcakes, we had to figure out how much to put into each paper.  It turned out 1 tablespoon was the perfect amount! Then we frosted them...yum!  It was a cream cheese frosting that came out perfect with just a tint of purple!

  The perfect plate!  It was to first time I'd piped frosting on like this.  I think they turned out really well.

Today my task for the afternoon was to re-pot my poor seedlings.  They really need to get into the ground, but first I have to finish pulling weeds/rocks/alfalfa out of the place I want to put in my beds.  This will have to do for now.  Oh and my lettuce and carrots have finally sprouted!  So excited for fresh lettuce for salads!

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