11 April 2011

Garden starts

I have always loved to garden, and now that I'm living in my own (sort of) house, I can finally have that edible garden I've always wanted.  Well, mostly.  Of course Phinn has started digging again and takes great pleasure in doing so.  Luckily I have a large side yard that will allow me to have a place to plant outside of the fenced-in backyard (somewhere Phinn can't get to!) So I started to sow some seeds inside in starter packs, then got creative.

The store bought seed starter kit
Green beans!

Just emerged corn stalks
A barrel full of carrots, round 1 (found it in the shed)

Home-made sifter. Lots of rock in the yard
Newspaper seed pots of sunflowers!

The leftover mess of a good day's work

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