07 April 2011

Cupcakes Galore

Have you ever seen the t.v. show "Cupcake Wars"?  Well, it's evil...in a good way :)  Cupcakes are generally a lovely treat, all tasty and sweet goodness wrapped up in a little paper cup.  Easy to serve, easy to eat, how could you complain?

Today my boyfriend and I were watching this show and decided cupcakes sounded really good.  So the search began.  I tried allrecipes.com, one of my favourite food sites, and didn't come up with anything that sounded really good.  I then tried googling cupcake recipes and success!  I came across this great site called , ironically enough, Cupcake Recipes.  They have a large variety of recipes, but one specific one stuck out: white chocolate mud cupcakes.

So we gathered up the ingredients and began baking.  Except for one problem, I don't have a kitchen scale and everything in the recipe is measured by weight.  Problem?  Possibly, but where there's a will, there's a way!  We managed to convert everything over to regular measurements and began baking.  We melted the chocolate and mixed the batter and found that it was really runny.  I was worried, but went with it anyway.

They baked. And we waited.  And they were amazing!

Then we made the frosting...well I guess you could call it frosting.  Its base was whipped cream, and it really didn't taste that good.

So I guess overall, the cake part was great, but definitely going to have to find a better frosting.  And no pictures.  They didn't turn out very well :(

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