25 March 2011

Ropes are for pulling on, not chewing

Phinn, in all of his puppy chewiness, decided it would be a great idea to eat his toy rope this morning.  Granted, I should have seen this coming, but it did almost look like he was trying to kill himself.

I bought him this rope the day I brought him home before I knew just how young he really is.  I really wanted him to play tug-of-war, but sadly it was a vain hope.  He had no clue and would just drop it and wait for you to do something with it.  He finally learned from a playful yellow lab named Daisy and would even play with me before he'd get bored and start chewing again.  A piece here, a string or two there, but nothing major.

This morning he took it to a whole new level.  He somehow managed to untie the knot at one end of the rope and began pulling strings out in chunks then proceeded to try to eat them.  Really, dog?  Eat strings?  Don't you know that can kill you?

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